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Miss India South Africa International 2014

Twenty-One year old Venetia Gopaul, a candidate optometrist won the Title of Miss India South Africa International 2014, while Meriskha Gareeb was placed  first runner up with third place going to Raisha Sewpersad, at a Glittering Miss India South Africa International Pageant at the City Hall, Durban on January 17th. Venetia will jet off to Mumbai , India for a week and then to Thailand to participate in the Indian Princess International Pageant which will be held on the  14th of February 2014 at the Aksra Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand.

Guests were first treated to a sumptuous dinner prepared by Indian Delights before the 17 contestants strutted their stuff in four glamorous sequences.

The contestants were dressed by leading designers Nadine Designs, Glitz by Sher, Lorraine’s Exclusive Designs, and Roopanands for the evening. Miss Gopaul was astonished that she lifted the crown and expressed her gratitude to the organizers, Poize for grooming her and all the contestants. “The Miss India South Africa International is an incredible platform that can help me to empower the youth and help build their confidence levels, encouraging them to stand by one another. I believe this will prevent exploitation and angle aspiring young women to gain the appropriate exposure and grooming in the fashion and modelling industry. Whether you believe you can do something or not — you are right. And I certainly believe I can,” said Miss Gopaul. This is going to be her first visit abroad and being able to visit India and Bangkok is simply beyond her wildest dreams. Miss Gareeb who is a candidate attorney is also poised to play a role in fighting poverty and being a role model.

“Potential is what comes from within you. Pride, confidence and strength is what individuals need to work for. in life there is no rewind, replay or forward buttons. I have learnt to grab opportunities, be thankful and grab it. I will take a stand and make a difference,” said Miss Gareeb. Second runner up, Raisa is also a candidate attorney and believes in making people smile. “The first step to being a success is by nurturing ourselves. Being a young democracy, and entering 2014 as a finalist of the Miss India South Africa International Pageant after the loss of our greatest icon Tata Madiba, is empowering for any individual. I look forward to embracing the opportunity to represent this prestigious organisation for 2014,” said Miss Sewpersad. There were a number of special awards, the winners:

  • Poize Model of the Year – Lizanne Lazarus
  • Face of Poize – Venetia Gopaul
  • Miss Personality – Raisha Sewpersad
  • Miss Photogenic – Aarthi Mobath
  • Miss Fresh Look – Raksha Ramnunan
  • Healthy Hair – Quraisha Mahomed Shaik
  • Beautiful Skin – Suhana Nepaul

Hair by Poize Health, Hair and Beauty Salon. and make up by Sashni of Rouge Makeup Studio ensured that the contestants were stunning throughout a long evening which culminated in a witty exchange between judges and the aspirants during the question and answer session.

Pageant owner, Mrs Kamisha Nanhoo Maharaj said that this was the third annual contest of the Miss India South Africa International Pageant and that Miss Gopaul will go to India where she will spend a week being groomed before travelling to Thailand to seek international fame. “I believe that this Pageant, the first of its kind in South Africa which is based on the fashion industries of the West and the East is bound to grow in stature. We as women have to live in two worlds, one which is the West in which we work and the other the East which is in our private lives and homes. Our culture which includes our religions, festivals, music and dance is a complete way of life which gives us profound reasons to excel in all that we do,” said Mrs Nanhoo-Maharaj.



Lisanne Lazarus

Lisanne Lazarus

I live by the motto ”Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride”.

I stem from a big family with strong morals and values, who have moulded me to the confident young lady I am today.

I am Lisanne Lazarus. At 18 years of age , my parents as well as God are my personal advisors, whom  I hold close to my heart.

Nelson Mandela once said ” A strong head and a good heart is a formidable combination ” I am known to be a determined and self driven ”Desi girl”( I am a leader not a follower), with a passion to touch the lives of others.

My ambitious nature has allowed me to accomplish many beauty pageant’s ,photographic shoots as well as ramps .I have grown and learnt a lot from this industry and my great passion for people and uplifting the less fortunate has made me eager to pursue a career  in journalism, TV presenting as well as modelling, as I have gained experience having interned for the Rising Sun newspaper, featured in an advertisement on MTV.Base as well on the SABC news and newspapers, having modelled at the Vodacom Durban July, in addition being crowned the runner up at Miss.eThekwini 2013.

My future aspirations is to travel the world and leave my footprints along the way. I am an enthusiastic team player who’s ready to take on the world.

Remember it’s not about how you survive the storm but how you dance in the rain.

Janita Arumagam

Janita Arumagam

No man ever wetted clay and left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune. Many of my accomplishments have not been achieved on impulse, but rather a series of preparations knitted closely together. My greatest struggles have become my greatest victories and has moulded me, Janita Arumagam into the individual that I have become today.

I am the middle child to a small family of five. It is because of my family that I have learned that sweat, sacrifice and prayer equals success. My family have always been the driving force behind my aspirations.

My passion has always been to be a part of the entertainment industry. I  have had the opportunity to be cast in a few local productions. I am currently involved in a Film and TV course, and looking forward to a successful career as an actress.

My present status is a photographic and ramp model. Experience tells you what to do and where to go, but my confidence and ability to make responsible decisions has taken my current position internationally and I have learned that you can still stand tall without standing on anyone.

God has prepared me, through many trials and many tasks, with the knowledge that trying is a part of failing, and I am not afraid of trying. And I will be courageous for it is the only place left uncrowded.

 If success was a result of spontaneous combustion, then I am ready to set myself on fire! You only live once, but if you do it right, Once is Enough! 

Kerissa Pillay

Kerissa Pillay

Independent, Extroverted, Hardworking, Humble are just a few words amongst others that best describes the person that I am. I am a 17 year old female who has currently finished matric. I plan on studying environmental health and then branching out and studying to become a safety officer. A female in a male dominated field because I believe whatever a man can do, a lady can do the same just better.

I am the kind of person who enjoys outdoor sports, swimming, spending time with my family and friends and I relish in breaking social boundaries. I have chosen to enter this pageant to show other females that one does not have to be a specific size, colour or even look a specific way to enter such a competition. This has  become a very ecstatic, awesome, exhilarating experience not to be forgotten. I was fortunate enough to have met other beautiful ladies through this journey that have now grown to become very good friends of mine.

This experience has taught me how to be a stronger respectable young lady in the real world. Finally a big heartfelt thank you goes out to my families and friends for standing behind me and supporting me throughout this journey especially to my parents and brother for being my chauffeur to every rehearsal and photo shoot. I would have not have accomplished this much if it was not for them.

Shretha Maharaj

Shretha Maharaj

Miss India South Africa International is a prestigious and honourable title that is wanted by many but only won by a chosen few. It is every young woman’s duty to have high morals and values and I have always been one to pride myself with such qualities. I strongly believe that philanthropy should be a major component of any individual’s life merely because we may have much more than others. There are people out there who barely have what we take for granted namely; roofs over their heads, food to eat and even a blanket to keep them warm through the winter. Bare necessities that we take for granted but luxuries in their eyes. The thought of the amount of underprivileged people in our country alone is heart breaking. One of my aims is to have a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate than myself and fill as many hungry stomachs as I possibly can.

 I am Shretha Maharaj, a kind, generous and gentle young 21 year old lady.  I am currently studying Industrial Psychology which has provided me with the insight to understand human kind. I aim to use this valuable tool to teach people how to understand one another and that together, we can help society. Together we can ultimately treasure and appreciate the gift of humanity.

 In this new age and time, the focus on women have shifted from them baking bread in the kitchen to being the bread winners. I firmly believe in this liberation and will hope to inspire the lives of young women in a positive way. I will aim to empower and encourage them to take on leadership roles and to enter male dominated industries to ensure that they understand that they’re equals and promote equality.

Meriska Gareeb

Meriska Gareeb

Real Glitz and Glamour isn’t just perfect hair, Chanel no.5, sky high heels and a wardrobe that kills.. But being a role model. It’s having people look up to you, but best of all, it’s showing the world that when you dream, anything is possible! My name is Meriska Gareeb, I am the type of woman who always voices what I feel is right and therefore I am currently studying towards my Law degree as I aim to support equality and justice. Anything is possible if you put our mind to it, and also the countless hours trying to perfect it, with that said, I am self-taught in gymnastics, belly dancing, nail and make-up technology. My parents-My role models, have always taught me that nothing is better than being humble and the gift of giving, therefore I have studied 3 years of counselling with an organisation called crossroads.

Fashion has recently become a major part of my life.. Many people see fashion as pieces of material that looks good, but I see drapes of hope.. Stitches of a new beginning.. Glitter and sequins that lead to dreams and creations that are works of art. I have entered Numerous fashion shows from the age of 15 as a model.. And at the tender age of 17 I entered the Durban July and Clairwood Fashion challenge as both a Model and fashion designer.. I had my first designer award as part of the top 10. Drama Queen? That’s me! I’m not afraid to change character once in a while, as I would like to leave a stamp on South Africa’s industry. I am currently studying acting, mentored by a Hollywood actress, as I believe this would groom me into what I someday want to be. Charity has always been close to my heart and many people do not have a chance at life due to their circumstances… One person cannot solve world hunger, but step by step it’s worth a try!

Potential is what comes from within you. Pride, Confidence and strength is what individuals need to work for… in life there are no rewind, replay or forward buttons, I have learnt to grab opportunities, be thankful and embrace it. I am Meriska Gareeb, and  will take a stand and make a difference!

Venetia Gopaul

Venetia Gopaul

As much as I would love to tell you all about my achievements, experiences and life motto’s thus far, I think it’s most important that you have an idea of who Venetia Gopaul really is.

I’ve just turned 20 years old and I come from a very close-knit family and community where culture and education is of utmost importance. I am hard-working determined and confident yet humble and always simplistic in everything I do. I reside in Umhlatuzana and I’m a 3rd year optometry student at the university of Kwa-Zulu natal.

It’s always been a dream of mine to work in the medical field. This passion of helping others has been etched in me from a very young age,sparking my desires to go into the business world and start a fund for underprivileged children with ocular problems. I hope to give them the gift of sight and an opportunity to see the world as most of us do. 

I would describe myself as reserved,respectful and responsible. I’m someone that treasures every relationship with my peers,elders,friends and members of my community. I enjoy playing the violin, drawing, painting, drama,modelling and modern indian dancing. 

As much as having a flair for academics and being moulded into a young woman with many talents from a young age. I have also chosen the spiritual path as a balvikas graduate after 9 years of education in spirituality, sanskrit and human values. I follow the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai,” the hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray”. No task is too small for me and no person is off less importance than another.

I view the Miss India South Africa International pageant as an incredible platform that can help me empower the youth and help build their confidence levels,encouraging them to stand by one another. I believe this will prevent exploitation and enable aspiring young women to gain the appropriate exposure and grooming in the fashion and modelling industry. Whether you believe you can do something or not-you are right. And I certainly believe I can.

Raisha Sewpersad

Raisha Sewpersad

The ability to make someone smile and feel good within is a praiseworthy
quality which I, Raisha Sewpersad, characterise. I am 23 years of many
rights, wrongs and lessons learnt. My moments of sadness help me grow and
become wiser and my happy moments are encouraging steps toward success.
Education is important and I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree having majored
in Legal Studies and Drama; and am pursuing my Law degree, both through
UKZN. I currently work for an Attorney firm in Durban’s CBD. I seek to God
and my parents for discipline and guidance through everything as it gives me
personal strength and affirms my good characteristics of being humble and

I begin my day with morning prayer and end with thanks for
life’s experiences. Food for my soul includes music, dancing, sudoku, Mario
Brothers, modelling, learning about other religions and cultures, FASHION
and Mother Nature. Although I consider myself an icon of femininity, I also
believe that success in the male-dominated environment is attainable and
being out in nature helps me surrender to the marvels of the universe. I
plan on encouraging diversity and advocating a greater change in the
community to ensure that we achieve a brighter and safer future.  It is only
through us, the youth of the nation that we can implement a positive shift
in the conditions we are in, through emphasis on the importance and balance
of knowing God, loving your family, being educated and active in your

The first step to being a success is by nurturing ourselves.
Being a young democracy, and entering 2014 as a finalist of the Miss India
South Africa International Pageant after the loss of our greatest icon- Tata
Madiba, is empowering for any individual. I look forward to embracing the
opportunity to represent this prestigious organisation for 2014.

Raksha Ramnunan

Raksha Ramnunan

Life is your journey and God is your guide, I am a 21 year old Hindu girl and my life revolves around three aspects, my family, God and my career. Presently a BCom graduate, my plans for the future: obtain CTA, write board exams and become a chartered accountant. I believe that in life nothing is beyond you, and if something seems challenging then the end result is usually worth the effort. Goal orientated, I keep a record to ensure that my life is not simply about existing. Participating in Miss India SA was one of my goals, but my career came first, as my mum says a girl needs both beauty and brains.

For me religion is life, it’s what directs us it makes us realise who we are. I believe a young woman must be: A dutiful daughter, a supportive sister, a loyal friend, a diligent student, and a dedicated devotee. My family is my support mechanism, we motivate, help and sometimes even criticise each other. They have taught me to always be my best, never forget my culture, to stand tall and proud and to never give up. With time beauty does fade but virtues, values and character never do. In society a girl’s character, self-respect the respect of your community is vital. I develop myself so that I may be a role model, to younger girls. I want younger girls to understand that they need to be determined and willing to work hard to succeed. Some of the words that best describe me are; cultured, dedicated, determined, brave, diligent, polite, friendly, bubbly, honest, loving, funny……and when I’m not out trying to conquer the world I’m busy trying to make everyone around me laugh. Because after all laughter is the best medicine. The best day of my life was my graduation, because there is no better feeling then that feeling of making your parents proud.

Aishwarya Bedessy

Ashwarya Bedessy

There are so many things I would like to tell you about myself. My
accomplishments, hopes, goals, aspirations and exactly who Aishwarya Bedessy
really is.
My childhood was enjoyed to the fullest, playing with my beloved dogs,
horse-riding, dancing, reading and spending hours on my jungle – gym! I
loved the outdoors and still do!
In primary school I was approached by my English teacher to begin debating.
I succeeded in this new found love so much that I decided to continue in
high school, where I obtained my provincial colours in debating at the
tender age of 12. I went on to coaching other debaters. Thanks to hard work
and the unflinching support of my family, I was chosen to represent Kwa-Zulu
Natal in Sun City where our province was placed second amongst students that
were in far higher grades than I at the time. I went on to represent South
Africa in the Idea Climate Change Debates hosted by the New York University,
where our country was placed 7th worldwide. When I reached higher grades,
the work load increased and even though I loved being on stage I had to
choose between debating and pageantry. I decided, after school there would
be ample time for me to reach my dreams of being crowned and I should enjoy
debating while I could. I am now 18 years old and currently studying towards
a Bachelor of Education degree.  A great man once said, “There is no better
way to learn than to teach” and it couldn’t  have been said  better. My
chosen field was greatly influenced by my mom who is in the profession for
30 years. She is my catalyst to a disciplined lifestyle and cultural
upbringing. Watching her has made me realise that teaching is one of the
noblest of professions. It requires  adequate preparation and training,
patience, selflessness, devotion, and a deep sense of responsibility. These
attributes describe me perfectly. Those who mould the human mind have wrought
not for time, but for eternity. I am specializing in teaching Mathematics
and Natural Sciences because of the great need there is nationally for these
teachers. A far more financially rewarding career path could have easily
been chosen however, what major difference will I be making? A teacher does
not simply teach, being an educator to me means that I can mould young minds,
guide, instil morals and values and help my students through personal
difficult times – there is no other career more rewarding.
I know that this is the time for me to realize my other dreams hence my
decision to compete in Miss India SA International pageant. Our rehearsals
have taught me so much and allowed me to mingle with the other contestants
who share the same interests as me. I admire the morality and values the
Miss India SA International pageants stand for. The experiences and lessons
I take away are priceless.  This title will allow me to represent my country
on another platform,give me the opportunity of widening my horizons and most
importantly inspire other women. A title worth every bit of hard work and
dedication that comes with it.

Aarthi Mowbeth

Aarthi Mowbeth

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Quoted: Mr Nelson Mandela

My name is Aarthi Mowbeth.I am a vibrant 25 year old, who resides in a beautiful suburb of Isipingo Beach.I hail from a close knit family that have good morals and values, who has moulded me into the kind of individual I am today. Independant, affectionate, mature, humble an a women of integrity. I am spiritually inclined making sure that god is always my first preference.

I believe that education should be of paramount importance to develop an equate yourself well, in order for every individual to achieve their goals. Having a career in human resources, has not stopped me from further studying correspondence with the university of South Africa, as a third year honours degree student in education.

In the year 2010 I started voluntary work at Kamalinee Primary School, helping learners with extra curriculum classes. My charity drive for 2013 was at the St. Monica’s children’s home which has aspired me to develop a stronger compassion to make a difference in the lives of children, on a mental, emotional and psychological level.

My interest are modelling, socializing, reading and music. My plans for the future is to touch the lives of many individuals by initiating an organization to assist women an children, who are abused and disadvantaged. A pageant like miss India South Africa International is a platform to bring together like minded young women, who can by working together make a difference in our 
Community and beyond. I firmly believe each individual should no they worth, an make responsible choices to enhance they lives.

Allisha Gayapersad

Allisha Gayapersad

We are told that talent creates it’s own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only it’s own opportunities but it’s own talent. I am a 17 year old lass that has an immense desire.

I would like to enlighten you on who Allisha Gayapersad really is.

I see myself as an intelligent; sensitive; friendly; animal and food lover, with ambitious goals in life. My experiences have taught me several lessons in life for example, never to give up on something worth chasing as it can always be fruitful.

I have a soul that would strive to achieve my goals and live life knowing that everything happens for a reason and for the better.

My hobbies include shopping; listening to music; dancing and cooking. My passion lies in the art of modelling. I am an adjudicator/ teacher at the Le Vogue model agency and my greatest achievement thus far was being crowned the winner of Miss Cover Girl Search 2013. My talent had taken me to Mumbai (India) where I was a part of the cast for a South African Bollywood movie.

My family is my biggest support system and are always there for me whenever I need them. I thank my parents for who I am today. It gives me great pleasure to face new challenges each day as it comes.

Success to me is achieving anything that brings a smile to your face.

I live each day like there is no tomorrow with absolute fun and excitement.

My motto in life is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Shrestha Maharaj

Shrestha Maharaj

I am Shrestha Maharaj, and have just completed my high school career at Queensburgh Girls High School. I am 18 years old and I aspire to be a pathologist in the near future. Many would describe me as bring responsible and resourceful well beyond my years.

A few of my many interests involve playing the guitar, sewing, and reading .My hobbies include dancing, playing hockey, crocheting and singing.

I am passionate about charity work, hence I volunteered at the Chatsworth Charity Relay for 2 years, as well as I have volunteered at the Cheshire homes. I also assist in organising of  social events in my community, in this way I am able to uplift my community by ensuring that the youth are able to learn responsibility at a young age as well as it brings the community together.

I am also a firm believer in following your dreams because your mind is the only limit!

Suhana Nepaul

Suhana Nepaul

Stemming from a unified, cultured family, it is family morals and values that have moulded me into a culturally grounded, elegant, charitable and selfless young lady. As an 18 year old aspiring attorney with a zest for fashion, travel and performing arts, I have devoted my life to serving the community, thus echoing the actions of my style and fashion idol, Princess Diana. Being a singer in Suhana Sangeeth Showband, a professional dancer and an extrovert in society has aided me significantly in my community work. Not only do I attempt to encourage the youth to remain culturally rooted by using my talent, but I endeavour to spread the influence of my culture into other races to strengthen the principle of Ubuntu, which I hold close to me. My main initiative involves work with NGOs and NPOs in underprivileged areas where I voluntarily perform in charity events and conduct dance lessons to the multi-racial youth.

I strongly believe that women empowerment is a necessity as women are the leaders of tomorrow. Miss India SA International serves as a valuable platform on which the influence of our culture can be spread as well as uplifting the youth by exposing them to ideal role models. This contest is proof that outer beauty is dependant on one’s inner being, resonated by the words of my guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba – “The body will shine if character is fine; service to man and worship of God will preserve its charm.” 

Quraisha Mahomed Shaik

Quraisha Mahomed Shaik

Beauty is a facet that has no hiding place and as it springs forth from my
heart, it gives light to my life. I am Quraisha Mahomed Sheik, a young lass
who will soon turn 19. My passion for God defines who I am. I have just
completed my matric and looking forward to step into the real and
challenging world out there. My mums walk with breast cancer has enabled me
to become a more caring, loving and compassionate person. This challenging
moment in my life has directed me to pursue a career in the field of Health
Sciences. With my sister Shaaista Mahomed Sheik being the reigning Miss
India South Africa Youth Queen, I was given the opportunity to attend many
community and charitable events, I was exposed to the real world out there
and this is the reason why I would one day like to open an orphanage home
and a shelter for the abused woman as this has become a necessity for the
people who are crying out there.

I will be failing in my duty if I did not
acknowledge the grooming and development that I have obtained during the
preparations for this pageant. I am thankful for this opportunity to
experience this beautiful journey with my fellow contestants. This has
indeed added to my bag of experiences.

Niquita Chetty

Niquita Chetty

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen then you have something very special that no one can take away from you” Tata Nelson Mandela.
Smart,intelligent,sassy and outgoing these are some of the words hat describe me . I am Niquita Bianca Chetty,a 19 year old young lady from the heart of Chatsworth.

My personal intention and ambition in life is to look at a face and say there’s something behind that and I want to reach to that person. I want to influence,encourage,enrich and call out to that child who is behind that face,behind that colour,language,tradition and culture. I know that it can be done because it was done for me. My academic goal is to be an educator. I am a first year student at the University of South Africa where I am currently completing my degree in education.

I see myself as a guide to direct and lead the youth of our time to the right path,to help them make right choices to become successful and independent individuals. My parents have always reminded me that education is the key to success and amidst all of my extra and co-curricular activities,producing good results at school was a must. I would like to promote the importance of education and the benefits it brings.

My hobbies include a passion for modelling drama,watching soccer and lending a helping hand. I also look forward to spending time with my family and friends as they are my biggest fans,motivators and supporters. I have a deep love for my culture and heritage and I maximize every opportunity to learn more about and celebrate our rich diverse culture.

I believe I can be an ambassador for Miss India South Africa International because I have all the qualities to carry the title with dignity,humility and poise. An ambassador of this magnitude should be equipped with good leadership skills and diligence. The crown is just a tool that must be used to bring happiness to the hopeless, shelter to the homeless and faith to the poor.

Entering our 20th year of democracy should makes us individuals who not only preach democracy but feel it,live it and more importantly practice it. I am a firm believer in “If you build a child,You shapes nation”. Let us knit our hearts together in love and unity as we partner to make days ahead shine brighter. Let our scars of the past become a consistent reminder of the fight before us,we cannot change the past but we can certainly influence the future. A queens reign may come to an end but the legacy you leave behind must linger forever.

Kajal Raghunath

Kajal Raghunath

Confident, intelligent, humble and passionate best describes me. I come from
a very supportive, humble and warm home. My family has always supported me
in all my endeavours. It is this support and love that has prepared me for
anything that life might throw my way. My name is Kajal Raghunath and I am
19 years old. I am currently studying towards my Bachelor of Commerce degree
at UKZN, Westville. I am also a student of the Nateshwar Dance Academy for
14 years now and I am very passionate about my dancing especially “Kathak”.
Dance is not just a hobby or an extra activity , for me dance has become a
part of my life, its as important as family and dearer than friends. Dance
has helped me grow as an individual it has taught me discipline, confidence,
my culture and so much more.
“Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything and everything.” 

Kieara Hyman

Kiera Hyman

“There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn and advance of self mastery”

My name is Kieara Hyman and I live by these wise words of Robin Sharma.

I am passionate about life acknowledging the importance that we all have the ability to make a change in this world. Being passionate is about doing something positive in the world and taking action to make it happen. With the hint of good judgment, to fear nothing, not failure or suffering or even death, indicates that you value life the most. You live to the extreme; you push limits, you spend your time building legacies. Those do not die. This is my dream to leave behind a legacy one where I am remembered not by monetary value but rather by the impact of touching young South African lives. My dream is to create a better future for the next generation to come by changing one life at a time. My dream is to start a crèche (early child hood development school) for under privileged children in the community giving them a proper start to their education as I firmly believe children are the keys to the future.

Jāgēṁ, uṭhēṁ aura na rukēṁ jaba taka lakṣya taka na pahun̄ca jā’ē